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Good Ideas … Future Read from the Palm of your Hand …

The Surest Way to Predict our Future is to Shape it.

Successful city marketing campaigns. Innovative location marketing measures. Significant HR marketing projects. These bring together target-group relevant content, pioneering visions, brave initiatives and an absolute creative drive.

For our cities. For our companies. For our future. For the future of our children. For our lives.

One interesting and very topical aspect here is for instance …

Urban Gardening

Very attractive. In our heavily built-up inner cities. For us as city dwellers. For us as tourists. People like us always enjoy strolling “across the rooftops” of a city. Sitting there together, spending time, relaxing, recharging our batteries. Letting our gaze wander. And our thoughts.

With soft green and attractive designs these uppermost storeys make an inspiring new place for encounters. Social meeting points.

Office and residential buildings benefit from green walls and roof gardens.

Our crowded inner cities gain with such positive new living spaces.

And we gain, too. More quality of life. More joie de vive. More satisfaction. How good is that?

© WalkingGeek – flickr

Manufacturing Happiness
Hero Garden Factory

Hmmm. Remarkable that this particular aspect of well-being has been pinpointed in industry.

The motorbike production site of the world’s largest motorbike manufacturer “Hero MotorCorp”, from India, is today a good example of modern, pioneering and clean industrial production.

To benefit the sustainability, health and the happiness of employees the group has incorporated a huge plant kingdom within its new production halls.

Why? To create a pleasant, healthy and attractive working environment for its staff.

Take a look at this short video to give you an idea  ↓

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