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Urban Development. Urban World. Thoughts…

Much has happened in the last fifty years. The number of people on our planet is rising. But the distribution of people is changing. Almost half our entire human race now lives in cities. Larger Cities. More People. Urban Growth in Africa and Asia. Looking at the global developments up to the year 2030 it […]

The Winner is … Our urban Globalisation.

Our Cities Mobilise the World. I am a passionate communicator ∙ fervent city dweller ∙ enthusiastic citizen of the world. For over 20 years now I have been both professionally and privately committed as an active globaliser and long-standing networker. Four years travelling on a German diplomatic passport ∙ 50 cities ∙ 15 nations ∙ […]

What Cities Make People Happy?

WHAT IS URBAN JOY. Is it international flair ∙ good job prospects ∙ family opportunities ∙ sport ∙ culture ∙ entertainment ∙ enjoyment ∙ education · mobility … ? … I have moved around a great deal in my life. I have been able to get to know different cities, countries, people and cultures. Contributing […]

Good Ideas … Future Read from the Palm of your Hand …

The Surest Way to Predict our Future is to Shape it. Successful city marketing campaigns. Innovative location marketing measures. Significant HR marketing projects. These bring together target-group relevant content, pioneering visions, brave initiatives and an absolute creative drive. For our cities. For our companies. For our future. For the future of our children. For our […]